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Combining the tools of therapy, coaching, and energy medicine to help you RECLAIM your energy so you can manifest the life you desire!

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What Is Energy Coaching?

If you are trying to transform some aspect of your being such as your health, there are 3 ways to do this.

1. Focus on the Outcome or Goal

When you set an outcome/goal, you may say, “I want to lose weight" and do whatever actions, as painful as it is, to reach your goal.

2. Shifting the Action Steps

The actions are the things you are doing to get to the goal. You may make a plan of action to lose weight such as “go to the gym” or “eat Keto”.


Unfortunately, this is where most “results” coaching programs focus—and, sadly, the changes don’t last long term because it didn’t address what’s REALLY causing the unhappiness in your world ~ the distortions, disempowering codes, trapped emotions and trauma.


In order to create lasting changes, there needs to be a superior way, which is a shift in ENERGY.


3. Shift your Energy

When you shift your Energy, the outcome and the process become automatically part of your being.

Our Energy is made up of our beliefs, all of which have a frequency, which can either be empowering or disempowering.

If we are living in disempowering beliefs, we are stuck in a cycle of some version of “I’m not good enough” and “I’ll never be successful” and then we sabotage ourselves.

1:1 Energy Coaching was developed to create ENERGY shifts by releasing the distortions, disempowering codes, and trapped emotions /trauma that are keeping you stuck in a disempowered pattern.

Like most other coaching programs we work with the conscious mind (which is 5% of who we are) AND, what is different from other programs, is that we also work with the subconscious mind (the other 95%) to bring to the surface all of the distortions, disempowering codes, trapped emotions/traumas that have been keeping you stuck so you can create transform your Energy which will transform your Life!

Using energy clearing techniques,  we’ll release the distortions, disempowering codes, and trapped e so that you can create the life you love.

This 6-month program includes:  
  • 3 phone calls a month (up to 1 hour)
  • 2-4 Energy Remote Clearing Sessions/week (see below for all we will clear)
  • 15 min emergency call—per week
  • Texting support between sessions 

Clearing Your Heart-Wall

When we experience pain or trauma our emotions have energetic frequencies and become solids, creating a wall around our heart to protect us from harm.

This is a good temporary protection but not a good permanent solution.

The first thing we will do together is to release the trapped emotions that are making up your Heart-Wall so that you can be open to love, success and abundance.



Clearing Your Energy Centers

Inside each of us lie seven centers of energy.

Eastern traditions call them Chakra’s, which is a term that is derived from Indian religions that mean “Wheel of Energy”— Western traditions call them by the endocrine system they govern—they are moving bands of energy that circulate within specific zones of your body, like a moving wheel.

These Energy Centers or Chakra’s are responsible for transforming the energy from our physical body with our non-physical energies such as psychological, emotionalism, mental and spiritual.

When your energy centers are out of alignment, you may feel run down, lacking in energy, depressed or an overall unhealthy.

Each of the centers works together so if one of them is under or overactive it can impact the other energy centers.

We work on releasing the underlying, subconscious blocks that are causing imbalances in each center so that you can be operating at a high-frequency.

Realigning Your Human Assemblage Point

When you were conceived, there was an epicenter of your energy that everything else grew out of—your Human Assemblage Point (HAP).

If this epicenter is not in the correct position ~ the center of the body ~ it is responsible for many of our physical and psychological imbalances (as the picture indicates) and impacts many other areas including your Energy Centers.

Adjusting the HAP allows your energy to be back to center and flow freely~leaving your in a greater state of peace and wellbeing.

Align Your Brain, Heart & Immune System

In this protocol, we focus on 3 things, your immune system, your heart messages, and your brain messages.

We work to release what’s preventing your immune system from operating at 100%.

We then move on to release what is preventing 100% of your heart messages from reaching your body tissues intact.

Then, we release what’s preventing your 100% of your brain messages from reaching your organs & glands intact.

"Since I started working with Heather, it's like I found the 'confident me' I've been looking for!"

Bonnie T.
Small Business Owner

Once we've cleared all the above, depending on your needs, we can focus on releasing subconscious blocks in areas such as:

  • Self-love
  • Body-love
  • Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Trapped traumas and emotions specific to your life


"OMG. Heather! It’s like waking up from sleep-walking through life. You have no clue!!"

Donna P.
Salon Owner

How Does Energy Work, Work?

Great question!

And, it’s not one that I have a complete answer for because no one fully understands Quantum Physics.

When I first learned of this work, I thought it was ridiculous and was totally skeptical. And, honestly, there are still times where I think “I hope this works!”

The best way that I can explain energy-healing is that everything is energy and we have the capacity to shift that energy with our intentions.

I don’t understand how the Internet works, yet I use it every day. Each time I use it, I believe more and more about how great I think it is, yet I couldn’t explain it to someone to save my life.

I also know that the energy healing works, yet I use it every day with my clients. Each time I hear my client talk about how they no longer believe something they were stuck in for years, I believe more and more about how great I think it is….yet I couldn’t explain it to someone to save my life.

Still have questions? Great--I Love questions!

Here's a video of one of my clients sharing her experience. Write down any questions you have and then let's talk!

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If you are ready to transform your Energy and Transform your Life, let's talk!

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