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About You

You know that growing your business and enjoying life doesn't have to be this hard but you can’t seem to get past feeling like something is literally holding you back.

It’s like there’s something stuck inside of you but you can’t figure out how to get rid of it.

You’ve read all of the self-help books.

You’ve done the affirmations.

You’ve tried everything you’ve heard of and you still feel….stuck.

You know there are hurts that need to be healed; memories that you’d like to not have to haunt you anymore.

You know that this is something deeper than just changing your thoughts.

You are right.

It’s time to release the energy that’s keeping you stuck so that you can have the income and impact you've been dreaming of.

About Heather

(The Short Story)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved learning and helping people.

After receiving a master’s in counseling, I worked as a therapist at a group home for adolescent girls but was frustrated because it felt like my job was more about filing reports than helping the girls.

After my own personal “deep night of the soul” (you can read about that in the 'real life’ story), I started down this path of personal development and became a health coach, then a natural food chef.

My crazy sweet tooth plus my food sensitivities helped me to create & co-found the country’s first gluten-free, allergen-friendly and refined sugar-free bakery, which was featured on The Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

After a few years, I left the bakery and worked as an Intensive in Home Therapist and also became a coach for Tony Robbins company—learning a ton AND knowing there was so much more to therapy than listening to their story again and and more to coaching than telling people to “change your state” (if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it!).

Which is what lead me to energy medicine.

That stuck feeling you feel; I totally had that.

There were hurts that need to be healed; memories that needed to be released to not haunt me anymore.

It wasn’t until I experienced someone using the Body Code on me that I knew that I had to combine all of the skills—therapy, coaching and energy-medicine to work with the whole person.

You are way more than your conscious thoughts.

As a Holistic business and mindset coach I look at  the whole person to help you heal your relationship with yourself and your money so you can make more money and impact the world.

About Us

Being an entrepreneur and building a business is not for the faint of heart.

We need support and people to help us keep our energy strong ~ lucky for you, I love helping people with just that.

Check out this video to learn about the unique way I work with my clients (as one of my clients who has been in the personal development world for year said, "I don't know anyone else who does what Heather does.")

I've Tried It All ~ I'm Ready For Something Different

If you feel like you've tried other modalities and haven't gotten to the root of what's causing you distress, let's talk!


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