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"Since I started working with Heather, it's like I found the 'confident me' I've been looking for!"

Bonnie T.
Small Business Owner

"$50K pay raise!!   I negotiated (which I would have never done in the past) and got what I wanted—that was a big win for me!"

Nancy M.
Career Transition Coach

"OMG Heather! It's like waking up from sleep walking through life! You have no clue!"

Donna P
Salon Owner

"There's something we're doing here that is so joyful. I'm connecting with people in ways I've never experienced before.

I’ve felt the most fulfilled interpersonally I’ve felt in a long time. In the past things would have sent me off in an emotional tornado—now I’m allowing myself to feel my core feelings and it feels great! "

Kristi L.
Regional Sales Manager

"I feel myself healing and growing. I am finding myself triggered less easily by old stuff / formerly difficult relationships.
I am less ruled by emotions.
I now have the attitude of “I can do it” rather than before it felt like I couldn’t do it. "

Ana C

From Sad & Struggling to Whole & Strong!

"Ever since you did the Heart-Wall clearing, I’ve felt so free.
I used to live in a state of frustration—so many little things would annoy me.
Now, those little things don’t annoy me and I feel light, free and happy."

Frank E.

"It’s Like A Miracle!

I’ve done a lot of work over the years on myself. I’ve always been so hard on myself, even the past few years when I was “working” on being less hard on myself, I was actually still being really hard on myself.

Suddenly, I feel like my own ally, my best friend. I realized this is because of releasing my Heart-Wall. It’s like a miracle!"

Lisa S.
Small Business Owner

"Wow, that was amazing...I feel like there is massive expansion of my heart space. I feel really open, it's quite amazing!"

Naleem P.
Optometrist and Holistic Health Coach

"I feel like I got so much out of our time together & got myself back! "

Patty P.
Graphic Designer

"I feel amazing. I am becoming my best friend and I never felt that before. "

Hazel R.

"I feel like I’m becoming who I really am! "

Melanie C.

"I have had a belief that has been running much of my adult life and I hadn't realized how pervasive it was until I worked with Heather.

As we talked it became clear to me that this belief had been sabotaging much of my happiness.

As Heather coached me, I was able to easily release the old belief and replace it with a new, more empowering belief that has changed who I am and how I've been showing up in my life.

Whenever that old belief starts to pop up now I just laugh at how silly it was and it goes away.

If you have something that has been holding you back--whether it's been in your relationships, career, finances, I highly recommend you book a session with Heather--you won't regret it!"

Caroline D

"“I feel more open to life, I feel more hopeful” "

Ania D
Health Coach

"Since we’ve been working on Abundance, I don’t worry about money like I used to. "

Gina G.
Bakery Owner

"This heart wall stuff is amazing.

I feel so clear about so many things. I got a promotion and raise at work where I essentially get to design my dream job and then do it, which is funny because when I first started talking to you 3 months ago I was ready to get out of this job.

I’m moving in with my boyfriend- he makes me want to be my best in all areas!
I’m being more open and speaking up in groups, this is becoming more natural to me.
I feel so free and awesome!

I feel like everything is great, and that my entire life has shifted in a cool new direction that is aligned with who I am and who I want to be"

Jolene G.
Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

"….The results speak for themselves.

In 4 months, I have lost over 24lbs. I am healthier, fitter, stronger, more confident and I feel amazing.

My energy levels are off the chart and I feel like me again. I eat like a horse but it's all the right stuff.

I've cut out sugar, cut way back on wine, went back to being a veggie, upped the juices and smoothies, drink lots of filtered water and am taking great pleasure in exercising - yoga, pilates, running, walking and swimming.

I'm even back in my old jeans for the first time in 14 years!

The very best bit is that I feel sexy for the first time in years - and the new man in my life agrees!

  So thank you! You really made me see that it was possible.

I felt stuck and unable to make the most basic of changes but you made me see that it was possible.

I am so very grateful for your work, advice and your belief in me."

Sophie D.

"Each time I come out of our sessions I come out of it understanding more about myself helped me to gradually get more of a grasp of what I tell myself & how it impacts my influence on others.

You've helped me to trust my gut more, helping me to develop my natural tendencies; it's been very enlightening to understanding who people are and who I am "

Angela S
Small Business Owner

"….What is more important, is that I learned to love myself....it was the one main thing that we focused on at the beginning even though I had 2 other goals that I wanted to reach.

  Heather explained to me, that if we could get this right, other things would fall into place, and as always…she was right!

  We started the coaching at the end of March, and in August, I had finished my sessions with Heather, and I had signed up to a company to help me with my online dating profile. 

They advised me to have a professional photo shoot, which I did. I don't think I could have done this before I worked with Heather. 

When I received the photos, I felt beautiful for the first time in my life.......that is HUGE…I was 50 years old at that point!!!!"

Lisa S.
Trainer/Executive Coaching

"After being on what seemed like every type of hormone birth control – various forms of “the Pill” (one of which was found to have an increased risk of blood clots), low-dose pills with iron supplements, the ring (which was weird because sometimes it came out during sex). I finally settled on the Depo shot for 4 years.

When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, I stopped the shot and waited… and waited… and waited some more.

I started charting my cycle because my period still had not come back for almost a year off the shot, and it was confirmed that I was not ovulating.

I did not know how to kickstart my fertility without going on more hormones, which seems like a terrible idea considering the year of no periods.

Heather did energy work on me to find out why I was not ovulating and clear anything causing the problem.

She did 2 sessions, clearing various trapped emotions in my uterus, hypothalamus, ovaries, root and bow and chakras, and within 2 weeks, I started what seemed to be my period!

As someone trying to get pregnant, most would not get excited about this, but I did! Progress!

I continued to chart my fertility signs, and I took a pregnancy test 18 days after ovulation. I was pregnant!

I was ecstatic!!

With Christmas just 1 week away, I decided to wait and tell my husband on Christmas morning, but I had to tell someone.

Heather was the first person I told the good news because her energy work helped me get pregnant less than 1 month after the first session!

Our son is now 6 months old, and I cannot be happier. "

Christine B
Product Manager

"I had been struggling with self-doubt and procrastination since being a little girl.

After working with Heather using Body Code work we discovered a stacking of emotions and a hidden Heart-Wall, which has now been taken town.

Since then I have felt much more grounded.

I have more certainty and have started to take steps in all areas in my life where I procrastinated in the past.

The Body Code is simple and easy to receive. Our sessions were conducted over the phone and I started to feel the effects within a couple of days. Thank you Heather!"

Paula H.
Life Coach, Reiki Master

"Since my divorce, I’ve been closed off to relationships but knew that I wanted to get back in the dating game.

When Heather explained what a Heart wall was, I knew immediately that I had one and it was preventing me to be open to another relationship.

Since we cleared my Heart-Wall & we worked on a few other issues I’ve been on more dates than previously and am more open to being in a relationship than I ever have been.

I’ve noticed subtle shifts that continue to compound each day to big changes in me and how I view the dating/relationship world.

With my Heart-Wall released, I know without a doubt that I will be ready to be in a relationship when I met the right person—I never thought I’d say that!"

Christopher S
Business Coach and Small Business Owner

"It was a wonderful summer and I have finally quit smoking..its a daily battle but its working for me.

Also, Much to my amazement after 57 years I have reconnected with an old boyfriend from 33 years ago.....its nothing passionate and romantic but I have high hopes that it will become so...

So I just wanted to say that life is REALLY turning around for me....and I am certain that your assistance has helped me along this powerful path

. It has truly been a positive turn of events for me that I never expected but have longed for .....for what seems like a lifetime.

I don't know how to thank you....but I just must.....I am very grateful for your help....because it has worked for me!!!!!


I wish for you the most amazing and wonderful things and am very grateful for your work with me!!!!! "

Mary Ellen M.

"I now stop at myself when I look at myself naked—I was told that I was ugly & fat & now I see beauty and awesomeness.

I look at myself now & can say ‘I am sexy’. I’m realizing there is no one else like me & I have so much to offer.

You have helped me so much Heather, it’s truly amazing.

I feel an amazing connection with you & feel like I can tell you anything.

You helped me see that I have a lot to offer and that life is worth living. For that I am so grateful! "

Louise D.
Health Coach

"If your initial reaction to the Body Code is something like “this sounds really flakey” I can certainly understand why you might feel that way…because that’s pretty much how I felt.

But, because I trust Heather, I decided to give it a shot. Here’s what I found.

1. Even while Heather was going through the Body Code process, it still felt flakey. Up until I started crying. Then it became real. To this day, I still don’t know what I was crying about.

2. But I do know that immediately after my session I felt what I now know were internal blocks melting away.

3. About 6-7 days later, I noticed changes in my behavior patterns. Then more changes. And still more. some changes were personal, some were business and some were both. I’m now more productive in both areas.

4. Think of it as analogous to Pac-Man—some little being inside of you running around and dissolving things that have been holding you back for months or even years.

5. Bottom line. Maybe it does sound a little flakey. But, if you’d like to unstick some part of your life that’s stuck, why let something at may sound flakey at the start stand between you and a happier and more productive you?

I ask that question because one of the most interesting things is that just once those blocks are dissolved and your behavior begins to change, it’s just like compounding interest—it just continues to grow."

Tom K.
NY Times Best-Selling Author

"I want to start off by saying, THANK YOU!! My time coaching with you has been everything I wanted and NEEDED and more!

Prior to coaching, I was in a stuck place with my mindset holding me back.

I set out to break old habits and accomplish a new path towards success, and within a very short period of time I was able to put my stake in the ground, reflect, learn from, and move forward from the place I was.. effectively and deliberately.

That’s not something I can say I was able to do on my own in the past.

Next, came areas of my life where there were clear interferences going on in my subconscious mind that were road blocks to the next step in my success journey.

Making myself aware of them and clearing them with Heather’s help was a next big step and that primed my inner mindset to be more clear, concise, and primed for success.

The last and truly biggest part of this journey I wouldn’t trade for anything, is that I became comfortable allowing myself to experience emotions.. but never sink into them.

There was always something to learn and process from them.. and then the next step was always forward.

For someone who has a lot of trapped emotions, it was pivotal to give myself the permission to adjust to them being around and allowing them.

With my coaching experience, I experienced breaking records in my office of patient visits, new patients, and collections. This is the numerical data to show that coaching is effective!

I would, hands down, suggest that anyone give coaching a shot with Heather. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

Trista B

"Thank you for being my coach!

Thank you for the endless hours of encouragement, guidance and motivation.

I am very grateful that you have a sincere concern about me. Thank you for always being fully prepared and being fully engaged during our sessions.

I knew I needed to make some changes, I had tools from Tony Robbins seminars, but I did not know where to start. Some of my questions remained unanswered.

During this time I learned a lot, and I would like to highlight two major improvements in my life.

They are family relationship and the ability to be in the right state.

You recommended me to read Byron Katie book. I did it. And I did it twice.

My pain was gone in the relationship with my family and I have been free from worries and expectations that I had before.

I feel very good about my decision to invest my time and energy.

It is worth it, because I knew that I will get help from Heather if I struggled to find my answers. "

Larisa S.

Feeling Stronger & Clearer!


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