2 Step Process to Reducing Stress (Are You Putting Perfume on Poop?)

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019

What is Stress?

If you google it…. you’ll probably find a definition similar to:

“Physical, mental or emotional strain or tension"

AND….it doesn’t answer what causes stress?

What Causes Stress?

If you google it... you’ll probably find that money, work, and poor health cause stress.

AND…that’s not really true.

There are plenty of people in the world who have no money and don’t experience stress.

AND, there are plenty of people in the world who have a TON of money and experience a lot of stress.

It’s not money that causes stress.

It’s your BELIEF about money, work and health (and every other thing in your life) that creates the energetic frequency you live in, which actually causes stress.

What Causes Stress to Increase?

If you google it….you’ll probably read that having many major life changes can add to stress or a lot of little “stressors” in a short period of time.

AND….what REALLY causes an increase in stress in the body is when you have layers and layers of trapped emotion and trauma that increase the stress.

All of those trapped emotions & trauma decrease your body's energetic frequency.

Science tells us that everything in life is a frequency and that like frequencies attract like frequencies. If we are living in a low energetic frequency, it’s natural that our body would experience stress as that’s not our natural state of being.

How Do You Decrease Stress?

If you google it, you’ll read about a ton of ways to reduce stress (eat clean, breath work, meditate, movement)….

AND... if you don’t “clean out” the trapped trauma’s and emotions that are creating that low frequency, you are essentially putting perfume on poop as your body will constantly go back to the energetic frequency that is its baseline.

In order to decrease stress, there are 2 things that need to happen:

1️⃣ One needs to work on the conscious level stories that are saying that reality should be different than what it is currently ~~ that’s where coaching comes in.

2️⃣ One needs to work on the subconscious level to release the trapped emotions/trauma so that the body's energetic frequency can increase so that you are not prone to feeling “stressed” ~ that’s where energy work through the Body Code and other modalities comes in.

This week, on my weekly free “Energy Clearing, Calls” tonight (Monday, 11/25) at 8 pm EST, we’ll be releasing emotions and trauma that are keeping your body in a state of stress.

Missed it?

Here's the link to watch it on YouTube.

Looking forward to helping you release some trapped emotions so that you can have a relaxing, enjoyable Thanksgiving (for those in the US)!


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