5-Bodies: This IS a Game-Changer For Creating Shifts In your World

coaching depression despair emotions energy healing listen to your body May 05, 2021

As life continues to shift and change and stress levels are at all time highs for most people I wanted to write this email to share something my clients are finding incredibly helpful in managing their stress.


When we are struggling in life, there is never just “one” thing that is the cause.


It is typically a variety of things but sometimes we don’t know where to start to find the answers.


A while back I read about the 5 Bodies framework (I can’t remember where, otherwise I’d totally give it credit) and have been sharing it with everyone.


This framework has been a game-changer in making it easy for my clients to create change for themselves (I'll share with you how my client Laurie used it to take back control of her life in a minute!)


The basic gist of it is that we have 5 different “bodies.”


We all know about our Physical body (this is the one we live in, the skin, bones, and everything else). 


We also have our:


Emotional Body--this is the body we FEEL in. It’s the level at which we experience and store many emotions — happy, sad, guilty, or fearful.


Energetic Body-- this is the body of subtle energy flows—think along the lines of meridians and chakras (energy centers).


Mental Body-- this is our mind ~ what you think, believe, value, how you perceive yourself and the world.




Spiritual Body--this is your soul ~ the connection to God, Universe, or whichever higher being that you believe in. 


So how can this help you?


It’s super-simple.


Imagine that you’ve been super stressed and would like to feel differently--you simply go through each of the “bodies” and ask yourself:


  1. “Is there something I’m doing in this body contributing to feeling  ________?”


  1. What is something I could do in terms of this “body” to resolve this feeling?


My client Laurie was feeling incredibly stressed and as if she had no agency in her life to shift it.


As we talked through this, she came up with these for each of the “bodies”...(sharing with permission).


Physical Body

In my physical body I’ve been eating a lot of processed foods and refined sugar...I could cut back on the refined sugar so I can handle stress better.


Emotional Body

In my emotional body I’ve been pushing my emotions down...I could allow myself to sit with them so that they will flow through me.


Energetic Body

In my energetic body I’ve been feeling stuck since I’ve been pushing my emotions down...I could do some energy work sessions to release trapped emotions.


Mental Body

In my mental body I’ve been consuming a lot of news/social media, which stresses me out….I could cut down how much news/social media I consume.


Spiritual Body

In my spiritual body I haven’t been connecting to my higher source as much as I’d like to….I could get back to daily meditation and/or prayer.


She was excited to be able to see where she had dropped some habits that helped her handle stress and excited that she was able to know what she needed to do to take back control of her life.


With those simple questions, you too now have a map to guide you out of the stress into peace.




I hope that you've found this email to be useful. 


In my next email I’ll share some more questions you can ask in each of the bodies to get more clarity ~ for now, write each of these down where you can see them and use the 2 questions.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what comes up for you!


Do feel free to hit REPLY if you have any thoughts about this that you want to share with me ~I'd love to hear!


Your Favorite Business and Mindset Coach,