A Little Rain Can't Keep This Away...

abundance beliefs body code practitioner Oct 06, 2020
My current reality is that I’m at the beach for vacation...and as I write this, it’s raining….
In the past 🏖 +  🌧 =  😕
But living aligned with abundance creates this equation 🏖 +  🌧 =  😀 as I’m now able to see all of the goodness that comes with every situation, whether it’s one I like or not.
In my last blog post, I asked what abundance meant to you—y’all wrote back and said things like:
✅ Having an abundance of opportunities
✅ Experiencing an abundance of laughter
✅ Living in an abundance of joy
✅ An abundance of money in your bank account
One of my favorite things I hear people say is that when we release the trapped emotions and traumas that are keeping them stuck they finally feel like they have the space to allow abundance to come into their world.
Whether it’s an abundance of
💸 Money
⏰ Time
😃 Joy
🍎 Health
they now see that THEY were the ones blocking that abundance from coming in.
One of the ways I like to describe our ability to receive abundance is to imagine you are a swimming pool and the hose is the giver of abundance (the water).
If the pool is filled with dirt, rocks, or cement, it doesn’t matter if the hose is turned on and aimed at the pool, the pool can’t receive the water (abundance) because it’s filled with other gunk.
And so it is with you….if you have trapped emotions and trauma stuck inside you, the “ hose" of abundance that’s always turned on can’t fill you up because you are already full of stuff that doesn’t allow abundance to come in.
Kind of like how Alison (my coach for the past 2 years—check out her programs here) had some worry and dread stuck inside of her that was preventing more abundance to come into her world….
Once we worked on it, this is what happened:

"After working with Heather in a short abundance series I felt like I was able to finally release some financial worry and dread that was stuck in my body.  After working with Heather I had multiple 30k months and a 47k month - most of all - that subtle dread I had under the surface is GONE!”

Pretty cool, eh?
So what about you, what do you think is stopping you from experiencing the abundance you desire?