Do You Have a Bucket-List?

abundance beliefs coaching energy healing Jun 07, 2021

(I wrote this before I left but in my excitement, forgot to post beforehand!)

Do you have a “bucket-list”?


Years ago I started calling it my “live life to the fullest” list as “bucket list” seems kind of depressing to me.


I love the idea of creating fun, memorable adventures in life so “live life to the fullest” seemed to be more fitting, personally.


AND….I’m getting to cross something off that’s been on my list for years🥳.


May 31-June 5 I am going to be swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas!!! 🐬


I’m going to a place called Wildquest  that I’ve had on my list for YEARS to do but for whatever reason, never pulled the trigger until now….


Since I didn’t owe as much in taxes as I had saved I figured I would treat myself to this experience.


We’ll be out on a catamaran each day for about 7 hours looking for wild dolphins (don’t worry, Wildquest only lets you go in the water if the dolphins invite you in)...


AND we’ll also be doing a workshop titled “Passion Test”  where we’ll learn tools to discover and manifest our passions…


AND we’ll also be doing Hemi-sync meditations which create deep meditative states under the influence of rhythmic sounds that entrain both hemispheres of the brain 🧠.


To say that I’m excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT!


AND...I used to never let myself have experiences like this.

I thought that I needed to be working hard ALL the time and that I didn’t deserve to do things like this.


I had to let go of all of the gunk that was holding me back from believing that I “deserved” to take a break, to enjoy myself, to tell my clients I will be unavailable for the week and not feel guilty.


Whether in life or business, if you don’t think you deserve or are worthy, you will continue to experience unfulfilled desires, frustration and burnout.


If you find yourself saying things like:

✅ “They won’t be able to do it without me if I go on vacation.”

✅ “Things will crumble if I leave.”

✅  “Life  and work should be hard.”

✅ “I don’t deserve to do things I love.”

✅ “I haven’t worked hard enough to earn a break (even though I’m burnt out)”


It may be time to release some trapped emotions & trauma so that you can get that MUCH NEEDED  & MUCH DESERVED vacation!

Taking a break, getting away, not doing work is ESSENTIAL to success.


If you need permission to take a break, to go away, to turn-off, here it is!


I want to hear from you!


What’s something on your “list” that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t?


AND...what’s stopping you from doing it?

It doesn’t have to be a full week, even a weekend away can make all the difference!

Your favorite Holistic Business and Mindset Coach,