How To Use This Book to Love The Skin (and Life) You Are In!

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***This is an excerpt from my book, “Love, Yourself; a 28-day journey to love the skin (and life) you are in!” 

You can find it on Amazon and feel free to join us in the Women Only FB page, where, each February, we go through the book together! ***



If you’ve gotten this far, I know that you are a woman who wants to create the best possible version of herself.


Each day, you are going to have a magical journey of seeing yourself as the amazing, gorgeous creature that you are!  


It may be uncomfortable at first. But I also know from experience that it will get easier as each day goes by.


There may be some days where focusing on some body parts may be more sensitive than others. If you’ve experienced the trauma of a hysterectomy or breast removal, you may think “Heather, I don’t have these parts, so I don’t have anything to be grateful for in regard to it.”


This is where I want to stretch you to think about what you were grateful for when you did have them. How did they serve you at the time? And, now that you don’t have them, what good things have you been able to experience in life?


When we look through the lenses of finding what’s right and good, we will always find it. This is the muscle I intend for this book to help grow.


After reading the story for each day, here is what you will do to love the skin (and life) you are in.




For best results, I recommend that you do the morning steps first thing in the morning (you’ll be guided through this each day), during the day step(s) periodically throughout your day, and the evening steps at the end of your day.



it's time to get started!




  • Set a timer for one minute. It’s important to take the time to take in the whole of your body. (I know for some, one minute may seem like an eternity; trust me, it will get easier. If you need to start off with 30 seconds, you can do that and then incrementally work your way up to a minute.)


Look at yourself naked in the mirror. Scan your body from head to toe. Stand in awe at the brilliance that is your body. There is no one else like you on this earth! Thank your body for being the physical manifestation of who you are. 


  1. As you look at yourself naked in the mirror, state the Positive Vibration Statement (PVS) for that day. (Daily PVS will be explained in a little bit).


You’ll want to repeat the PVS periodically throughout your day: when you are walking, driving, or working out – these are all great times to say your PVS. The more motion and emotion you say it with, the more it will become who you are.


Whenever you are moving (walking, climbing stairs, working out etc.), say the PVS out loud. If you are in a public place and are concerned that people might think you need to be committed to your local psychiatric ward, just visualize saying it aloud to yourself. 


You can also have fun by singing the PVS to the tune of whatever song is on the radio. Depending on the tune, it can be very funny to adapt the words to the song, and you end up laughing along the way (rumor has it there is nothing sexier on a woman than a smile).


  1. As you look at yourself naked in the mirror, focus your eyes on the body part for the day. Thank it for being a part of you. Imagine what life would be like without it, then express gratitude for how it has helped you.


  1. Write down 5 things about that body part that you are or could be grateful for.


If you have a hard time finding something to be grateful for with that specific part, say this to yourself: “I know there is nothing to be grateful for about my ______, but if there were it would be ____ (and fill in the blank).” 


  1. As you dress for the day, express gratitude for the body you have to decorate with different clothes.


during the day


As you go through the day, repeat the PVS periodically. When you are walking, driving, working out are all great times to say your PVS. The more motion and emotion you say it with, the more it will become who you are.




  1. At the end of the day, review the 5 things you wrote down in step 4 about that day’s body part. As you read each one aloud, say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” and really allow yourself to feel the gratitude for the amazingness that is your body with each expression.


  1. Before you go to bed, say the PVS one more time and thank that body part for being uniquely yours.


What is a Positive Vibration Statement?


In the personal development world, there is a high value placed on saying positive statements – some call them affirmations, others call them incantations. These are short, powerful statements that you declare to be true. The idea is that when you say them with conviction and passion while engaging your whole body, you will re-wire your neural pathways, creating new beliefs.


Personally, I struggled with saying affirmations/ incantations because it felt inauthentic to say a statement such as “I love myself” when I was at a low point in my life.



What I didn’t understand at the time is that everything in life is energy. There is positive, negative and neutral energy – each of those energies has a vibration to them ranging from low to high. When we are living in a state of self-hatred or dislike towards ourselves, we are living in a negative energy.


That negative energy has a low vibration to it – we know it and can feel it, yet we often don’t know what to do to get beyond it. What is challenging about being in this state is that when we make these statements because we are told it will help, we feel frustrated because we don’t believe what we are saying, so we don’t say them.


I eventually came to understand that when we make these statements, we are actually stating words and phrases that are raising our level of vibration. I realized that, even though I didn’t necessarily believe it at the time, the words that I was saying were working to develop a positive vibration in my body, mind and soul, which is what I desired. Once I looked at it from that perspective, I felt more in alignment with what I was saying.


Before I made this switch, many of my clients, when asked if they did their affirmations or incantations, would respond, “I did it once, but it felt so inauthentic to me, so I stopped.”


When I began teaching them that saying a PVS would raise their level of vibration from low to high, they found them much easier to say consistently and would experience shifts in their beliefs as they said them each day.


Another way to say the statement is to use what Law of Attraction expert Andy Dooley teaches. He teaches using transition statements to help you to get used to the statements.


Transition statements begin with the words, “beginning,” “becoming,” “allowing,” etc.


When put with the statements, this would sound something like “I’m beginning to be grateful for my belly,” “I’m becoming someone who loves myself,” or “I’m allowing myself to love my skin today.”


If you’ve ever struggled with saying incantations or affirmations, I invite you to think about them in this way. Our words create our reality; saying a PVS daily will raise your energy and allow you to create the positive beliefs that you desire.


As a woman, I’ve found that singing my PVS allows me to be more in my femininity. Also, saying them when I give myself a dance break, taking a walk, or jumping on my mini-trampoline brings fun to saying them.


When you are saying your PVS, try different things to see what works to create a level of fun for you. 


Now, let the 28 days of loving yourself begin!





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