If You Listen To Your Body... (info about Monday's energy healing call)

My past 2 weeks have consisted of these highlights (there are some things I've left out...)

A weekend of a DEEP spiritual journal where I jumped back into life with a very little buffer period of rest/integrate (my own fault)


Tues-Thurs = Traveling with a puppy who woke up at 4:45 am 2 mornings in a row instead of his normal me dragging him out of bed after 8 am (I don’t do well on a little bit of sleep)


Thursday evening= Being excited to FINALLY getting to sleep only to be woken up at 2 am by a leaking ceiling (that maintenance said couldn’t be fixed till the morning)….so I was up all night


Friday = Dealing with maintenance & the leaking ceiling & being so exhausted it took me forever to get to sleep that night (yes, I was doing breathwork....the nervous system was really amped up!)


Saturday = Still in recover mode but starting to feel better


Sunday = Woken up to the buildings Fire Alarm at 7 am, hustled to get anything I’d want if the building was on fire & standing outside in 29 degrees until we go the all-clear to go back in (I was going to be waking up soon, but waking up like that is so jarring on the nervous system)


Monday = "Man, I feel like a woman” (I.e. Aunt Flow is in town….although my cycles are 10000 x better than when I ate horribly, the body is still releasing and it is exhausting!)


I’m pooped!!!

Our body is always giving us messages. One of my favorite quotes is:

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream"

Most of our physical illnesses are our body screaming to us that something is not ok ~ it tried telling us in a whisper, but we didn't listen...so, it has to resort to screaming at us.

When we take the time to slow down and ask…

“Dear Body, What do you need most today?”

And then listen…

…and then give our bodies what it needs, it will always do what it needs to repair itself and bring it back to balance.

I know that life doesn’t always make it possible…between work, kids, social obligations, etc, life can get hectic.

BUT...at the end of the day, nothing is more important than being able to show up well for the world ~ everyone WILL understand.

(And, if they don’t, it’s a good time to assess if they are a good person to have in your world!)

Soooo….today, I’m listening to my body, reminding myself that no one is going to die by me not doing an energy healing call tonight and creating the space to fill my energy tank up.

What’s going on for you?

Is your body whispering anything to you that it needs?


Your favorite energy coach,




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