The Faster Way to Relieve Anxiety

anxiety body code emotion code energy healing releasing trapped emotions trapped emotions Dec 02, 2019

“I have anxiety”
“I’m just an anxious person"

This time of year it’s not uncommon to hear some form of those words.

Anxiety about:

* Spending time with family
* Having enough money for the holidays
* Having enough time to do everything
* Being around so much junk food when you are attempting to be healthy...
* Holiday traveling

The list can go on and on….

So what is “Anxiety”?

Google says anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress.

Last week we talked about Stress and how google says it’s “Physical, mental or emotional strain or tension"

But that doesn’t answer what stress is.

Beyond money, time, jobs, stress is the belief that reality should be different than it currently is.

Anxiety and Stress are similar ~ the difference is that Anxiety is a perceived belief about something that hasn’t yet happened while stress is a belief about something in the past/current/future (PTSD would be the exception to this as PTSD is a result of some form of past trauma).

Anxiety can cause both physical and emotional symptoms ~ fatigue, restlessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, nausea, intense fear, and many others.

Anxiety is categorized into 5 major types of Anxiety Disorders:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder — This is when one experiences chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry, and tension even when there is little or nothing to provoke it

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder—This is when one has recurrent unwanted thoughts/obsessions and/or repetitive behaviors/compulsions with the hopes that the obsessive behavior will make the obsessive thoughts go away.

Panic Disorder—This is when one has an unexpected and repeated episode of fear that’s accompanied by physical symptoms such as chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, etc...

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder--This is when one has experienced a terrifying event that caused them to feel as though they were in grave physical danger.

Social Anxiety Disorder—This is when one experiences overwhelming feelings and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. This can be limited to one type of situation, such as speaking in public or anytime they are around other people.

How to Release Anxiety:
When I worked as a therapist, many of my clients as young as 6 years old suffered from anxiety, which is true for my coaching/energy healing practice as well.

Just helping someone change their beliefs is not always enough, we had to look at what was causing those beliefs and ~ I wanted something that gave faster results.

We need to look at the person as a whole as many things contribute to anxiety:

* Thoughts
* Diet
* Movement
* Environment
* Unprocessed Emotions/Trauma

While I am all about food (I ❤️ to eat!) and believe it can be an ENORMOUS contributor to our body holding onto stress/anxiety, I’ve come to realize that the last one, Unprocessed Emotions / Trauma has been the biggest contributor to a person’s level of anxiety they experience.

What we often describe as anxiety is simply another emotion that is being suppressed.

Suppression of emotions is what actually causes us to feel anxious, uneasy, or unsettled.

It feels like something is trying to come up, or out but isn’t allowed to.

If we take away the option of the label of “anxiety”, your body will choose the true root emotion that actually needs to be released ~ relieving your body of the tension we call “anxiety”.

Releasing trapped emotions is one of the fastest ways to give your body space to breath so that it does not go into a state of anxiety.

Releasing Trapped Emotions Causing Anxiety

On tonights “Monday Night Energy Clearing Call” at 8 pm EST we’ll be working on releasing trapped energy that’s contributing to your body feeling anxiety.


***If you missed it, here's the link to the replay :) *****

Here’s to an anxiety-free life!

Your favorite energy coach, 




If you are carrying around a Heart-Wall, Anxiety can be way easier to experience anxiety as a Heart-Wall has the ability to:

  • Cause your hearts intelligence to be misguided in its desire to protect you and will attract more negative emotions to surround your heart
  • Eventually, this can be experienced as “emotional frostbite”—emotional isolation and starvation
  • The wall acts as a barrier between you and the love you were born to experience
  • Which in turn creates more stress and anxiety….keeping you on a stress/anxiety roller-coaster!

If you’d like to learn more about how a Heart-Wall interferes with your life, check this out and then let's talk about how we can get rid of this for you so you can have the body & life you love!