Something Big Has Shifted

abundance beliefs coaching energy healing feelings personal development May 05, 2021

Something big has shifted - my focus in my work.


Things had been shifting for a few months now but the big AHA! came about when I was talking with a client that we had just finished working through money blocks and she said:


“I’m feeling confident and stronger. The abundance is not just in money as I thought; I thought it had to be in money but it's in everything around me & it's been an incredible feeling”

The thing is, I was previously working with helping everyone with everything. My focus was once to help people with ANY struggle that came to me.

BUT...what I started to realize was that….



  • It’s exhausting for me because I was trying to be everything to everyone in my communication.
  • There was a common theme with everyone that I worked with--everyone struggles with their relationship with money, which stops them from being confident in their business….so they play small (you’ve been there, right?)


So....from now onward, I will be focusing my message specifically on helping entrepreneurs connect their subconscious and conscious minds to heal & thrive so that they can make more money and impact the world.


This looks similar to how I’ve been working with people through combining the tools of therapy, coaching & energy healing….with more of a focus on giving you tools to help you with things to create more impact and income (I’ll share in a later email what that will look like specifically 😀)

I bet you must be wondering why! 


I am choosing to shift my priorities to focus more on helping women create more money and impact in the world because of these reasons: 


  • How we do money is how we do everything. When we struggle in our relationship with money, it shows up in EVERY area of our lives--work/business, relationships, health. When we heal this relationship, it trickles out into every other area--like this 👆🏻 client said!

  • 85% of my clients ARE women entrepreneurs who desire to make more money and more impact...I’ve already been doing it for years, why not own it & have even more fun with it?

  • When women have a healthy relationship with money, they are able to go out into the world and help heal it….and, lets face it, the world needs a whole lotta healing right now!


I can’t wait to bring you more updates about this!


This shift has got me so fired up and I am inspired to work twice as hard every single day!


It feels really great to be 100% aligned with what I am doing on a deep emotional level… because I know that will help so many of you!

To greater things together,


P.S. Shh, don’t tell anyone but I still will be available for those who want help with things outside of what I wrote above!


P.S.S. Having a great relationship with money is crucial for a thriving business ~ understanding your Sacred Money Archetype (SMA) is a BIG first step in creating that great relationship--click here to take the quiz to learn more about what yours is!