Why Things Haven’t Been Working Out For You

I FINALLY got gas!! YAY!


If you saw my last email, I mentioned that I live in Charlotte, NC and we were hit hard by the gas crisis!

I didn’t want to participate in the craziness of being in long lines when I really didn’t need to go anywhere so I just stayed put until things calmed down.


It was only 5 days that I didn’t go anywhere (I live in a city so I did walk places) but it’s funny what happens mentally when you feel stuck.

I’ve been hearing from women who have told me that they have been feeling stuck...in many areas, especially when it comes to their relationship with money.


If things haven’t been working out for you in your attempt to have a good relationship with money, I completely understand.


You see, a few years ago things were like this for me as well.


Thinking that going to Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery and reading books about it was the key to  healing this relationship, I dove right into it. 


Thousands of dollars in debt later and a few years of spinning my wheels, I was left feeling jaded, demoralized, and I didn’t see how I could ever believe that I was worthy of having a good relationship with money.


Let me tell you why most people don’t end up shifting this relationship.


First, they think that the problem is all in their head, that they just don't know "how" to do money.


Second, they read all the books and take all the workshops (like I did) to learn the "how" but still struggle.

Third, they then believe that something is wrong with them.


I'm here to tell you, none of that is true!


It’s just the way things seem.. because most people just think they have to know “how” to do money but they don’t know that the first step is actually about “who you are” when it comes to money.

It’s about working with the subconscious and releasing emotional traumas so you can have a great relationship with money--then you can do the “how to” stuff because you believe you can!


Let’s work together and change things! 


You need someone to guide you and help you release the gunk that is keeping you stuck!


I volunteer! 


If you don’t mind, of course. 


I have navigated all of these obstacles, and know how to help you heal your relationship with money.


My client Stephanie STRUGGLED with money.


She HATED anything to do with money so she generally put her head in the sand whenever anything money came up causing her to pay a ridiculous amount of late fees, felt overwhelmed with debt and couldn’t see a way out.


After we worked together to clear her money blocks, she began to enjoy her dates with money that we set up for her to look at her numbers; she no longer felt overwhelmed and had a clear plan to get beyond her debt!

If you’d like to experience what Stephanie experienced and heal your relationship with money once and for all, click here to schedule a time to talk.


I only have space to help 5 new people over the next month so please act quickly!


I can’t wait to talk with you and start you on a path where you and money are best-buds!




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Your Sacred Money Archetype is all about how you show up with money--knowing your Archetype allows  you to understand your strengths, challenges and how to use it FOR you rather than against you--it’s been a game-changer for me & my clients--take the quiz here then hit “reply” and let me know what your top-3 are!



NEW EPISODE: Clearing Space for Change
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