Why You Don't Achieve Your Goals (Part 2)

As of this writing, we are 2 days from entering a new decade ~ and many people are entering it with the same goals/dreams/resolutions that they had a decade ago.

Whether it’s a desire to:

* Get in shape
* Earn more money
* Be more present with family/friends
* Work less, play more

It seems as though no many “how-to” articles they’ve read, they can’t seem to get there.

Last week I shared how the #1 reason people don’t achieve their goals is that they aren’t aligned with them (you can click here to check it out on the blog or Youtube)…

The NUMBER ONE reason people don’t reach their “goals” is that they don’t believe that they could be that person who can experience whatever it is that they desire.

Someone may say that they want XYZ but subconsciously they don’t believe that

* They are worthy of it
* They are deserving of it
* It is safe to experience it
* They are good enough to receive it

To experience a new thing, we have to become a different person, to align with a new identity ~ unfortunately most people are so afraid of letting go of old identities, old beliefs, stories, trapped emotions and trauma that they never become the person they say they want to become.

That’s where working with someone who can help you not only with your conscious mind (which is 5% of who we are) but also can work with your subconscious mind (the other 95%) of who we are.

The SECOND reason people don’t achieve their goals….is because they set goals.

“WHAT?!? How the heck are you supposed to get anywhere if you don’t set goals???”

Hear me out...

In the world of personal development, many people are focused on their goals and achieving them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are challenges that come with focusing on a goal.

I explain it to my clients like this….

If I had someone come to me who said he/she wanted to win the gold in the Olympics if I were a traditional “results coach” we could come up with a bunch of action steps to ensure that he/she would qualify then compete & he/she would focus on “win the gold” for days, weeks, months, years.

Then, the time comes to compete in the Olympics & imagine he/she wins.

How does he/she feel after the 15 minutes of fame are over?

Most people say sad, depressed…wondering what to do next.

Imagine that he/she loses….how does he/she feel?

Most people say sad, depressed, sometimes driven even more to train harder to compete in the next round—and at that point, they are living in an energy that is exhausting.

When we focus on a “goal” that is something that is over there. Something that we believe will allow us to feel a certain way…but, the problem is with this theory, that feeling never comes.

So we chase more “goals” with the hopes of feeling a certain way.

Now imagine that if, this same person came to me & said that he/she wanted to win the gold in the Olympics and I asked him/her how they were anticipating feeling when they win the gold and they answered, “significant, proud & accomplished”.

This time, instead of just coming up with action steps, I asked him/her what ways could they find to feel significant, proud & accomplished every day.

They created action steps that will both allow them to feel those feelings AND that will move them towards winning the gold.

For days, weeks, months, years they focused on finding ways to feel significant, proud & accomplished.

At the end of each day, they smiled because they felt significant, proud & accomplished.

Then, the time comes to compete & imagine he/she wins.

How does he/she feel, having focused on finding ways each day to feel significant, proud & accomplished, after the 15 minutes of fame are over?

Most people say significant, proud & accomplished.

Imagine that he/she loses….how does he/she feel?

Most people say still significant, proud & accomplished.

You see, as humans, we never really want to accomplish a goal.

What we REALLY want is to experience the feeling that we believe the goal will give us.

When we make the decision to focus on creating the feelings every day, we are more likely to come from a place of inspiration, rather than feeling like it’s a “have to”.

When we create daily experiences of the feeling we ‘achieve our goal’ much faster

What Is It That You Really Want?

It’s your turn…

When you think about your goals/resolutions/desires for 2020, what’s the feeling behind it?

You want to

* Get in shape….so that you can feel _________
* Earn more money….so that you can feel _________
* Be more present with family/friends….so that you can feel _________
* Work less, play more….so that you can feel _________

After you are clear about what it is you want to feel, notice how it feels when you think about those feelings.

Do you feel resistance? Or do you feel pulled to it?

Does it feel heavy or light?

What stories or beliefs pop up that tells you that it’s not possible for you to have those experiences?

When you are clear about those ~ that’s where the fun begins.

Whether it’s working with me or someone else to release the trapped emotions/trauma’s the are preventing you from becoming the person you desire to be or someone else, this is YOUR YEAR to become the person you know you are!

Energy-Releasing Event

On this week’s energy-releasing event, I’ll check to see how aligned you are with one of your New Years' desires and release some emotions and trauma so that you can be fully aligned to experience it.

If you’d like to release some stuff that’s preventing you from experiencing your desires join me on Monday, December 30th at 8 pm EST on Zoom or streaming on my personal FB page  I’ll do my best to work with as many people as possible to release trapped emotions so that you can be 100% aligned with your desires.

Please join us on Zoom or watch it streaming on my personal FB page.

Can’t Make the Call?

No worries ~ if this is before 8 pm EST on Monday, December 30th, shoot me an email ([email protected]) with your first/last name, age and a specific desire you have for the year.

Make sure that it is very specific ~ meaning, “I will earn $150K this year” vs. “I want to earn more money” or “I will release 15 lbs” vs. “I want to lose weight” ~ we’ll release more if you are very specific about what it is you desire.

If I can get to you on the call, I’ll do the work then I’ll email you with what was released.

If this is after that time, here’s a link to my calendar to set up a time to talk about how we can work together to get you in alignment with who you desire to be.

I hope that 2020 is the absolute best year for you!

Your favorite energy coach,



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