“Yea, But HOW Do I Change That Belief?”

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“Yea, but HOW do I change that belief?”


This was a question asked to me this week on a coaching call as my client and I were talking about a belief about money and love that she discovered ran DEEP in her psyche (and a question I hear every week)!


You know that kind of belief that you feel at the core of who you are and it seems like there’s nothing you can do to change it?


For many, it’s beliefs such as: “I don’t deserve to be wealthy” or “I’m not worthy of success.”


For me it used to be “even if I ran a trash collecting company, I can’t be successful” (seriously. I knew it was ridiculous but it felt so true in my body!)


And we wonder, “how the heck can I stop thinking/believing this?”


There are 2 components to this.


First is our conscious mind, which is 5-10% of who we are.


When we are thinking a thought that is disempowering us we can do things like:


A Pattern Interrupt: this is when you do something to stop the thought in its tracks. It can be as simple as saying: “stop, cancel, clear, get the heck out of here” to the thought when you catch yourself thinking about it (this one is from Andy Dooley).


Or, you can do a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique and stand on one leg, hop up and down and say the thought out-loud in a silly voice, like Mickey Mouse.


Affirmations: This is where you replace the disempowering thought with an empowering thought.


For example, if you are always thinking “I don’t deserve success”, you would replace it with “I deserve success.”


BUT...if you are anything like me, my mind calls B.S. on “positive affirmations.” If it were that easy to change a thought, we’d be living in a different world! 


I get the “power of positive thinking” but most of me thinks it’s B.S….


That’s what prompted me to create Consciously BLAB’ing--this is where we use what I call transition words to get us from where we are, to where we want to be. 


What this sounds like is:


Beginning: I’m beginning to believe I deserve success

Learning: I’m learning to let success into my life

Allowing: I’m allowing myself to be successful

Becoming: I’m becoming someone who is successful


Feels so much easier, right?


But here’s the thing, as I mentioned, the conscious mind is only 5-10% of who we are, the rest is in our subconscious, which is 90-95% of who we are.


OUR SUBCONSCIOUS IS the part that needs to be addressed if we want lasting change so that we aren’t consistently putting perfume on poop!


So how do we change it?


First, we need to understand what happens within us that gets us stuck in a belief.


We experience something unpleasant and do not fully feel the feeling in the moment (because oftentimes we have to think about surviving instead of feeling), we have an emotional component that begins to create chemicals in our bodies because the body is interpreting an emergency situation. 


The chemical emotions of stress are the emotions of anger, aggression, fear, prejudice, anxiety, insecurity, hopelessness, powerlessness, or depression.


If we continue to experience those emotions, it becomes for many a “normal” way of being (you know that grumpy uncle or depressed neighbor???).


Our BODY is our subconscious mind ~ it can not tell the difference between an experience in your life or an imagination or memory of an event.


Our emotions, which are pure energy, are a record of our past experiences that are stored in the body.


In order to change what we believe, we need to change our thoughts AND the energy in our body


The best ways I know how to do that are through energy healing.


The Body Code, which is the form of energy work I do, literally identifies through Kinesiology, where the trapped emotions & trauma’s are in the body and releases them so that you are changed on a cellular level.


It changes the energy in your subconscious so that you can say what I hear so often from clients “yeah, I don’t really believe that anymore” or “I can think of that memory now that used to get me so upset and I don’t really feel anything about it...it’s just there but no charge.” 


When we combine releasing the gunk from the subconscious AND shifting our conscious thoughts, the results are magical.


It’s why I could never just be a “coach” again and only work with 5-10% of the person ~ energy healing has created massive shifts for me and I see it daily with my clients too.


If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a belief rut, let’s clear that gunk out!


If you have never experienced energy healing before and you are ready to get rid of some beliefs that are holding you back, let’s work together in a series of 3 sessions to get clear on what it is that you want to stop believing, release what’s holding you back and install the new belief so you feel it at the core of you!

You can click here to sign up for that!

I can’t wait to help you bust through that disempowering belief!