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Hydrogen Machine

The Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition is the top hydrogen machine in Japan and is the only machine used in clinic and recommended by Neurosurgeon Dr. Akihiko Adachi MD PhD.

  • The highest purity, medical-grade hydrogen available
  • The only lab-tested and certified hydrogen machine
  • No plated metals, chemicals, or lye used to produce hydrogen
  • 100% engineered and hand-built in Japan 

Hydrogen supports cellular health, energy production, cognitive health, and weight management.


Get The Most Out Of Your Hydrogen Water

I am obsessed with Hydrogen water; it's the only water I drink and make sure to always have water with me.

Since it dissipates after a few hours if you put it into a regular water bottle, I have these water bags that preserves 80-90% of the hydrogen water for a week (based on manufacturers claim). 

Make sure to add a few to your order along with a carrying case like the one pictured on Amazon.

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As Seen On

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Holy Hydrogen Featured

On Luke Storey

(This is the episode that turned me onto Hydrogen Water!)

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Origin of the Lourdes Hydrofix


Holy Hydrogen is the sister company of the manufacturer and only authorized distributor for the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition, which receives its name from the healing waters of Lourdes France. Lourdes, located in southwestern France, is renowned for its healing waters that have drawn pilgrims from around the world for centuries. The spring is believed to be a source of divine healing power. Travelers visit Lourdes seeking spiritual solace and physical healing, often immersing themselves in the waters or drinking from the spring. Many claim to have experienced remarkable cures and relief from various ailments after visiting the spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Promise to You

Our purpose is to educate the public about how to make and use hydrogen properly.

Because we love people and we love hydrogen, we only offer the best hydrogen equipment. That’s why we don’t sell inferior products or cheap machines made of cheap parts and outdated technology.

We promise to provide you with the best hydrogen machine and to continue investing in hydogen technology.







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