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Does Energy Healing Really Work on Animals?

Energy Healing works magically on animals as they can’t pretend that the work “worked” or a human can’t say “it’s the placebo effect”.

Animals have fewer subconscious limiting beliefs and their subconscious minds don’t get in the way and they are naturally more instinctive with self-healing.

Energy Healing with Animals is especially useful with rescue animals who have experienced trauma.

We can release issues such as fear, abandonment, anxiety or other trapped emotions. Check out these stories below!

"This litter girl (brown dog) is AMAZING!
So chill!
10 times more peaceful and content.
Behaving on walks.
Cuddly and playful!
Getting along with her siblings!
Thank you for working on her!"

Allison C.
Clemintine's Human

"Kaiser is 13 and started to become terrified when he would hear the clicking of the stovetop, with thunder, beeping, sizzling and fireworks. Whenever those things would happen, he’d become afraid and shake.

Heather did about 10 sessions on him releasing the trapped emotions that were was causing him to be fearful.

He no longer shakes when he hears any of those noises!"

Christine B.
Kaiser's Human

"Panda was a rescue cat and used to be skittish around other people, always going under furniture when people came over.
Now, he's much more social and relaxed around people than he was before.
He even lets people pet him--that's a big difference!"

Adam C. for Panda
Happy Cat Lover

"Jagger was hit by his previous owners and unfortunately, my husband reminded Jagger of one of the owners.

He used to hide behind me whenever he saw my husband, seemed anxious, was chewing our shoes and magazines and did not like to be alone.

After Heather released his Heart-Wall and released what was causing him to not feel safe around my husband, his internal energy definitely seems calmer.

He’s not chewing things up as he did before and the dynamic between him and my husband is different ~ they are buddies now! "

Margaret S.
Jagger's Human

"Paisley was abused as a puppy ~ so much so she had to have her hip replaced when she adopted by a woman who loved her dearly.

The woman had some type of disease that eventually led to her being wheelchair-bound & then housebound.

The woman loved animals so in her own way of giving back she would take in up to 10 foster dogs at a time, unfortunately, this was traumatizing to Paisley.

At the end of the woman's life, Paisley & her sister were left alone in the house for over 6 months. The woman's father already had the maximum dog limit where he lived so he would come to check on them & feed them 2 times a day.

They were going to euthanize them if no one took them in ~ this is where I entered the picture.

When I got her, she would prefer to stay in our room 20 hours a day and if people came over, she used to run in my room & hide. I couldn’t walk her past the front yard without her freaking out.

After 3 years of having her, if people come over, she will come & look then go away and you have to corner her to pet her.

After Heather cleared her Heart-Wall and released what was preventing her from feeling safe she is now more social with people.

I even went away for a week & had someone come to take care of her.

When he came over after I returned home, Paisley came out to him and sat at our feet as we talked ~ she’s never done that before!

Paisley is definitely a different dog after this work!"

Lee Ann R.
Paisley's Human

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