Sacred Money Archetype ‘Reveal-All’ Money Quiz

Go from money pain, to make’n it rain.


Sacred Money Archetype ‘Reveal-All’ Money Quiz

Go from money pain, to make’n it rain.


This quiz will help you identify your own Sacred Money Archetypes—

the secret patterns that govern your relationship with money.

You'll get access to a personalized 4-part FREE workshop to help you understand your money personality and how to create a safe, peaceful, calm, & relaxed relationship with money.

Do you ever feel like there's a hidden code to money that no one will tell you about?

Well, guess what? There is.

And it's not as complicated as you might think.

Knowing Your Sacred Money Archetype is the Key To Cracking the Money Code.

You are most likely here because you:

  • Constantly self-sabotage yourself when it comes to money
  • You feel like there is never enough no matter how hard you try
  • Your beliefs massively hold you back from anchoring in abundance and creating a big impact.
  • Need more confidence in your ability to make a lot of it.




But here's the thing: this isn't just about making more money—it's also about being able to live in accordance with who YOU are as an individual—your personality type.

It all comes down to your money archetype—the unique way that you as an individual naturally attracts or repels money.

And once you understand this, a WHOLE new world of possibilities can open up for you.

So if you’re ready to:

  • To overcome money blocks
  • Bust through disempowering money beliefs
  • Be able to start calling money in with ease
  • Discover your natural tendencies, strengths, and challenges when it comes to money so you stop making the same mistakes over and over



When you take the Money Archetype Quiz

You’ll Get..


✔ Your Unique Results
Your scores reveal your unique money archetype codes and how they impact your life and business.

✔ Sweet Money Freedom Workshop
A 4-part video workshop on how to live in your strengths, create more impact and make more money.

✔ Sweet Money Freedom Interactive Guide
A guidebook to go along with the video workshop to help you discover your empowering and disempowering money codes, get to know ALL of the archetypes and so much more!

Video 1: Your Money Archetype

  • Your top archetypes relationship with money
  • Connect to a sense of you that has a safe, peaceful, calm, & relaxed relationship with money.
  • Discover your archetypes empowering money codes

Video 2: Your Money Sabotages

  • Your disempowering money codes
  • Ways those codes show up in your business
  • How to start creating Sweet Money Freedom

Video 3: Your Archetype Combination

  • Learn about the other archetypes
  • How your combination may work for or against you
  • What each archetype wants to hear when buying

Video 4: Healing Your Relationship with Money

  • The #1 lie we all believe about money
  • The Top 8 money blocks
  • How to create a safe, peaceful, calm,& relaxed relationship with money

You've tried everything—you've read all the books, watched all the videos, listened to all the podcasts—and nothing is working for you. You're still stuck in that same old place where nothing seems to move forward and you feel like nothing is changing.

This is why your soul led you here


Here is the good news:

All you need is an understanding of how money works for YOU personally—and how your unique archetype can help make sure that making money is second nature.


Who am I to teach you this?

Hey, I am Heather Esposito, a Holistic Money Mindset & Energy Coach.

I help women to liberate themselves from the conditions, stories, and beliefs that hold them back from creating more impact, and making more money.

An entrepreneur myself, I co-founded a gluten-free, allergen-friendly bakery where I appeared on Cupcake Wars and the Cooking Channel's Food(ography) and Unique Sweets.

I have done it all! I Am a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Body Code Practitioner, Sacred Money Archetype Coach, A Money Breakthrough Business Coach, hypnotherapist, Quantum Coach, Neurofit Coach, and author of "Love, Yourself, a 28-day journey to love the skin and life you are in".

After coaching for Tony Robbins company for 3.5 years I went out on my own and now combine coaching, Nervous System Regulation and Energy Healing to help entrepreneurs experience the Sweet Money Freedom they desire.

Don’t take my word for it, see what my clients have to say:

"FYI this abundance course has to do w more than money abundance. By you already knew that didn’t you?? #shifting "

Jody H.

"WOW!!!! Thank you! I can't believe how all of this is connected about it's all really about me connecting back with myself. So many things have been unfolding over the past few weeks!"

Sharon B.

"$50K pay raise!!
I negotiated (which I would have never done in the past) and got what I wanted—that was a big win for me!
(If I can’t negotiate for myself, how can I do it for me)."

Nancy M.

"Since we’ve been working on Abundance, I don’t worry about money like I used to”

Gina G, Bakery Owner

"Since we worked on my relationship with abundance I’ve made on average 10K/month every month this year."
Dr. Beverly W.
Money Mindset Mentor

“I closed $25K in the month of June—that was my biggest month ever…until September where I’ll close $33K! I’m having my best year ever!"

Joelle B Realtor

"I used to feel trapped by debt but now I’m taking control of the situation and I no longer feel trapped and screwed. Things have been blowing up in a good way—jobs are popping up. AND, I have more peace and acceptance of myself. It’s been pretty amazing!”

Monica Y

"After working with Heather in a short abundance series I felt like I was able to finally release some financial worry and dread that was stuck in my body. After working with Heather I had multiple 30k months and a 47k month - most of all - that subtle dread I had under the surface is GONE!"

Alison C. Life Coach