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Using the tools of the Body Code ~a form of energy medicine~ to help you release what's holding you back.

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What Is Transformational
Energy Healing?

95% of who we are is our subconscious mind.

That subconscious mind creates all of the patterns we run ~ they are the answers to “I don’t know why I did that”.

From the time we were conceived, we have been imprinted with beliefs, patterns and traumas that create all that we do.

In order to create shifts in our world, we need to address both the conscious and subconscious blocks that are holding us back

The Transformational Energy Healing Program was created for someone who is currently working with a coach or therapist on the conscious level work and is invested in working with someone who can help release the subconscious blocks that are holding them back.

Using a form of energy-medicine called The Body Code, we will go through a series of foundational protocols to release the trapped emotions and energies from your heart, body and mind.

After we’ve worked through the foundational protocols (all explained below), we’ll work through 2 additional protocols of your choice to create a life you desire.

The great thing about this work is that a majority of the work will be done remotely so you don't have to schedule calls--I'll work on clearing your energy while you go about your life.

***If you are not currently working with a coach or therapist, these are the protocols we will work through combined with our 1:1 calls 3x/month*** 

Foundational Energy Healing

These are the foundational areas we will work on to shift your energy.

Clearing Your Heart-Wall

When we experience pain or trauma our emotions have energetic frequencies and become solids, creating a wall around our heart to protect us from harm.

This is a good temporary protection but not a good permanent solution.

The first thing we will do together is to release the trapped emotions that are making up your Heart-Wall so that you can be open to love, success and abundance.



Clearing Your Energy Centers

Inside each of us lie seven centers of energy.

Eastern traditions call them Chakra’s, which is a term that is derived from Indian religions that mean “Wheel of Energy”— Western traditions call them by the endocrine system they govern—they are moving bands of energy that circulate within specific zones of your body, like a moving wheel.

These Energy Centers or Chakra’s are responsible for transforming the energy from our physical body with our non-physical energies such as psychological, emotionalism, mental and spiritual.

When your energy centers are out of alignment, you may feel run down, lacking in energy, depressed or an overall unhealthy.

Each of the centers works together so if one of them is under or overactive it can impact the other energy centers.

We work on releasing the underlying, subconscious blocks that are causing imbalances in each center so that you can be operating at a high-frequency.

Realigning Your Human Assemblage Point

When you were conceived, there was an epicenter of your energy that everything else grew out of—your Human Assemblage Point (HAP).

If this epicenter is not in the correct position ~ the center of the body ~ it is responsible for many of our physical and psychological imbalances (as the picture indicates) and impacts many other areas including your Energy Centers.

Adjusting the HAP allows your energy to be back to center and flow freely~leaving your in a greater state of peace and wellbeing.

Align Your Brain, Heart & Immune System

In this protocol, we focus on 3 things, your immune system, your heart messages, and your brain messages.

We work to release what’s preventing your immune system from operating at 100%.

We then move on to release what is preventing 100% of your heart messages from reaching your body tissues intact.

Then, we release what’s preventing your 100% of your brain messages from reaching your organs & glands intact.

"From where I was to now is just amazing.

When someone is stuck and know something is wrong but don’t know what to do, then someone comes along and has you try something different makes all the difference"

Frank E.

Additional Protocols

After we’ve done the foundational we can now move on to work on specific areas of your life. With this package, you pick two of the additional protocols to work on. We’ll have calls before and after each protocol to create your vision, evaluate where you are now so that after we can celebrate how far you’ve come!

Self-Love Alignment Protocol

When our experience of our self is one of self-loathing and self-disdain, life can be pretty miserable.

Or, you may actually have a pretty strong sense of self and yet, you still feel like something is missing.

If our energetic vibration is “off” and we are not fully in alignment with our desires of who we want to be it causes conflict with how we view ourselves and puts us in a swirl of self-loathing.

After we’ve gone through the foundational work (all listed above), we will uncover and release any unconscious blocks that are standing in the way of you accepting yourself fully and completely.

Body Love Protocol

It turns out, hating our body doesn’t get us the body we desire!

The years of beating your self up because of what your body looks like are over—It’s time to release the subconscious blocks that are keeping your energetic vibration low.

After we’ve gone through the foundational work (all listed above) we will come up with your vision of your ideal relationship with your body, we work to release the blocks that are holding you back from loving what you see in the mirror.

Abundance Protocol

Abundance can mean many different things to each of us. In this protocol, we specifically focus on financial abundance and your relationship with money.

What most often prohibits more money to come into our life is our beliefs about whether or not we deserve to have financial wealth and our beliefs about who we are in relationship to money.

After we’ve gone through the foundational work (all listed above), we can start addressing the blocks that have been keeping you back from allowing more abundance in your life.

We’ll create a desired outcome for your financial life, then work on releasing the imbalances that are causing you to stay where you are financial.

As we release the blocks, clients report having finances come into their lives easily and almost effortlessly (sorry, you still have to do the work).

Resonating Relationship Protocol

Why is it that some people have no problem finding relationships and others struggle to find “the one.”

If we have underlying, subconscious blocks that are causing the energetic vibration in our body to send out messages that we don’t believe we deserve to be in a romantic relationship, everyone we interact with will pick up on that vibration and relationships will be a challenge.

After we’ve gone through the foundational work (all listed above) we can start addressing the blocks that have been keeping you back from allowing more love in your life.

We’ll create the vision you have for your relationship (whether you are in one or not) then release the imbalances so that you can be 100% in alignment with your desires.

Once the blocks are released you may find that your relationships are deeper and fuller than they have ever been!

And, if you are looking for a relationship, you may find yourself more opened to bringing one into your life.

Business Protocol

Energy flows through a business as much as it flows through our body.

Just as we clear out the energy centers of our body, the energy centers of our business’ need clearing as well so that the energy can flow easily and freely.

After we’ve gone through the foundational work (all listed above) we can start addressing the blocks that have been preventing you from being in alignment from your business vision.

We will 1st work on releasing any blocks from you regarding the business then we will work on releasing energetic blocks that are in the business itself (clearing all of the energy centers of the business).

"For the first time since I can remember, I actually believe I'm good enough."

Jen B.

How Does Energy Work, Work?

Great question!

And, it’s not one that I have a complete answer for because no one fully understands Quantum Physics.

When I first learned of this work, I thought it was ridiculous and was totally skeptical. And, honestly, there are still times where I think “I hope this works!”

The best way that I can explain energy-healing is that everything is energy and we have the capacity to shift that energy with our intentions.

I don’t understand how the Internet works, yet I use it every day. Each time I use it, I believe more and more about how great I think it is, yet I couldn’t explain it to someone to save my life.

I also know that the energy healing works, yet I use it every day with my clients. Each time I hear my client talk about how they no longer believe something they were stuck in for years, I believe more and more about how great I think it is….yet I couldn’t explain it to someone to save my life.

Still have questions? Great--I Love questions!

Here are a few videos clients sharing their experience. Write down any questions you have and then let's talk!

Check Out Deb's Experience

Check Out Erin's Experience

Check Out Ashley's Experience

If you are ready to create a shift in your identity and release the subconscious blocks that are holding you back from aligning with abundance and create the income and impact you desire, let's talk!

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